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DoctorInternet is an advanced, medical-search program. It is produced by the Foundation for Infinite Survival, Inc., and it is component of our Life-Extension & Control of Ageing Program. Here, the Basic Version is provided as a public service to the Internet Community, without charge. (The more Advanced Version is one part of our services to Contributing Participants in the Life-Extension Program.) We invite you to use the program, here, in your search for medical information. And if you wish to receive periodic notices, then you may register; but registration is not required.

The DoctorInternet program is the product of over 25 years of experience in doing medical research reports for all kinds of medical problems and health issues, and it serves the interests of all concerned - Patients, imageFacilitators (those helping patients obtain the best possible care) and Medical Professionals.

If you are using the Internet for health and medicine and if you want the most current and the most authoritative scientific information on any medical subject, then DoctorInternet is an essential utility for you.

With about 15 minutes of instruction, virtually anyone can be doing professional-level, information retrieval using the function called "Ready-made Searches". This unique feature makes available to you special routines to retrieve information on over 4,000 medical conditions with easy point & click routines. This gives you immediate access to the research database (MEDLINE). Also provided are: 1) a more complete Medical Search Program, 2) A Glossary of Disease terms and their definition, and an electronic copy of the DoctorInternet Book.

Here is what a leading health expert has to say about the program.

Dr. Stephen Langer, M.D., Berkeley, California
Author of "Solved: the Riddle of Illness"

DoctorInternet is the best medical search program I have ever used. I have been working with medical information on the Internet for quite a few years, and DoctorInternet has it all - ease of use, excellent entry into MEDLINE (the main database of the National Library of Medicine and main source of bio-medical information on the Internet), and many other features.

I have known the author and his work for many years. I "prescribe" this program to my patients, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for medical information on the Internet.

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