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The DoctorInternet Program is constructed with one central purpose in mind. If you want to have the most authoritative and the most current scientific information on any medical subject, in an easy to use, structured approach to information retrieval, then DoctorInternet.com is an essential utility you. Because we want to make sure that your interests will be addressed, if you have any questions about how this program can be useful to you, please feel free to contact us using the e-mail link, above.

Obtaining "the most authoritative and the most current information on any medical subject" is fairly straight-forward, in substance, because (although there are tens of thousands of medical-type web-sites) there are only a few primary, scientific sources for this kind of information. But extracting the information that is relevant to your particular interests and staying current on those subjects is difficult, time-consuming, and generally tedious, because the procedures are complex and require specialized expertise. Although the Internet is powerful, capturing that power requires a sophisticated technical interface that is continuously maintained; and that is what The DoctorInternet Program is designed to do for you - i.e., overcome the technical difficulties and get you to the substance, quickly and efficiently.

The program has various features which are described below.


Basic & Advanced Versions.

There are two versions of The Program - the Basic Version, which is provided here as a public service, and the Advanced Version, which is part of the services of our Life-Extension Program. Both versions use the same databases and sources of scientific information. The Basic Version is more simplified in its procedures; and this may help beginning users - particularly Patients and Facilitators but also Professionals.

Main Components of The Program.

When you go to The Program, using the link above, a template is presented with the various functions. First, there is a short Introduction & Overview, which you can print out and read in about 15 minutes, and that will instruct you in the main procedures. (Disregard the instructions for the Advanced Version.) Next is the function called Ready-made Searches. This is a particularly powerful feature. There are over 4,000 diseases, and we have created pre-formatted commands so that all you have to do is to point-&-click and you automatically retrieve the current reports from the research database, or the most significant web-sites on Internet, or current newspaper articles. In the Basic Version, we provide 13 common ways of retrieving medical information, including:

Practice Guidelines Clinical Trials Diagnosis Prevention and Control Therapy Diet Therapy Drug Therapy Surgery Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Complications Nursing Psychology Rehabilitation Veterinary (for your pets or livestock).

The function called "Ready-made Searches" function enables you to employ very sophisticated commands in an easy to use, point & click format.

The next function is "The Medical Search Program". Here, we provide detailed instructions in how to use the various other functions of MEDLINE, the PDQ database for cancer protocols, MEDLINEplus and other gateways to Internet sites, on-line medical dictionaries, the Merck Manual, and many other valuable resources.

The DoctorInternet Glossary of bio-medical terms is a complete glossary of over 20,000 official bio-medical terms with their definitions. This glossary is important in finding and using the proper terminology for searching databases and communicating with medical professionals.

Included is The Book entitled DoctorInternet BookDoctorInternet. Written by Dr. Everone, this 228 page book is loaded with all of the information you will ever need on how to search the Internet for medical information. Specific chapters are referred to in the tutorials that are contained throughout the above Medical Search Program; and it can be printed in its entirety. The book will be of great service to you as you learn to navigate through DoctorInternet.


Some Comments

Empowering Both Patients & Professionals. Increasingly, people are better educated and are both more interested in and capable of being actively involved in the decisions about their medical care. But such involvement, if it is to be meaningful, must be from a well inform basis; and DoctorInternet can play a significant role in that regard from both the patients perspective and from the physicians perspective. The Patient or Facilitator can do some research before a medical appointment and be better prepared to ask intelligent questions. And after a diagnosis and suggested treatment strategy, one can do further research to better understand the situation and return with informed questions, perhaps suggesting meaningful alternatives. If an experimental clinical trial is in order, then the Patient/Facilitator will have to do much of the initial work in terms of finding the appropriate trial and preliminary qualifications. The health professional can recommend search strategies to patients and use that as part of the process of informed consent and due diligence. And some physicians might find it useful to guide a patient in gathering research information on therapeutic alternatives, thus engaging the patient in the medical process and becoming better informed at the same time.

Evolving Standard of Care. The practice medicine of 50 years ago was completely different from what it is Mascotcurrently; and in the foreseeable future, it will be completely different still. In many respects, the current situation is chaotic - e.g., the shift from acute to chronic disease, the explosion of new technologies and a shift in therapeutic paradigm, the popularity of self-care and alternative medicine, the lack of trained personnel, medical specialization, and the politics and economics of HMO's are only some of the major factors that are forcing rapid and radical change. Amidst all of this turmoil, there is still the essential situation of a particular physician attempting to provide the best possible care to one particular patient. And it is our firm belief that the DoctorInternet can make a tangible contribution in that regard.

Again, if you have any questions about how this program can be useful to you, please feel free to contact us.

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