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Some Comments to Patient and Facilitators

Increasingly, Patients and their relatives and counselors (who are helping the patient obtain the best possible medical care and whom we call "Facilitators") want to play a more active role in determining their medicine. And this is quite compatible with modern medical ethics. However, to be effective and make a real contribution, one must be involved from a properly informed position; and that is were DoctorInternet plays an essential role.

Literally, tens of millions of people are now using the Internet each day to search for health and medical information; and currently there are over 17,000 related web-sites. The use of the Internet is playing a major role in revolutionizing health care; and you are part of this new community - one of the most rapidly growing communities in the world. The Internet is an enormously rich and powerful resource; and it will become even more so as both it and medicine continue their rapid-pace evolution. However, both medicine and the Internet can be tremendously disorganized and confusing; and it is not easy to extract valid and useful information, even for trained professionals.

And that is exactly what the DoctorInternet Program does for you - make it easy to retrieve authoritative information that is specifically relevant to your interests, helping you organize it in a manner that you can use, and keeping you current on specific topics of your choice.

Here are some of the things which DoctorInternet can help accomplish for you.

  Improve the way you get medical and health information. DoctorInternet makes it easy to use the primary scientific databases, providing simple instructions and thousands of "point-and-click" utilities that accomplish complex functions which, otherwise, would be possible only for advanced experts in information science.   Continuous learning. Using various features (particularly your personally designed Medical Newsletter where you select the topics of interest) DoctorInternet enables you to stay posted on current scientific reports on those subjects. This is a unique and very powerful feature.

Improve the quality of your care. What are the current practice guidelines for a particular medical problem? Evaluate diagnostic strategies, staging, evidence-based medicine, alternative therapies, clinical trials ... virtually any aspect of medicine. Investigating these is made simple and easy by DoctorInternet.

Preparing for a medical appointment, second opinions, clinical trials, dealing with inaccurate information, patient-oriented medicine, and more .... The objective is to use the program with, not against, your health professionals.

A great tool for helping friends, associates, and loved ones. DoctorInternet is an ideal tool for helping others with a health concern (family member, friend or associate, or client), either by doing research for them, as a "Facilitator", or by making a gift of the program and helping them to use it.   Privacy & Confidentiality. In the DoctorInternet Program we do not sell products, nor advocate particular therapies. We do not profile your searches, nor give our subscriber information to others. Our only business is helping you to get the most authoritative and current scientific information as the basis for helping you obtain the best possible care. Your privacy and confidentiality are guarded with care.

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