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Some comments to Physicians

Increasingly, the Internet is becoming integral to the practice of medicine - the flood of new information, evolving practice guidelines, correspondence with peers, on-line patient management and consulting, and a patient population that is using the Internet for medical purposes are some of the more obvious factors. A physician who is not adroit in this medium will become out-moded; and the job of the DoctorInternet program is to make it simple and easy to be adroit.

The mission statement for the DoctorInternet is the following:

to provide modules which enable you to obtain the most authoritative and the most current scientific information on any medical condition and to do this with utilities that are easy, straight-forward, and simple to use.

Two modules of the DoctorInternet Program accomplish this admirably - the "Read-made Searches" and the "Medical Search Program".

The "Read-made Searches" function.

For all know diseases, there are some 4,000 distinct Medical Subject Headings (i.e., official terms designated by the National Library of Medicine) which can precisely extract research reports on any particular disease. Further, using the instructions in the "Medical Research Program", one can use 50 different sub-headings which can be used to focus on specific sub-sets of the medical condition. For example, if you were interested in the subject "Diabetic Foot", you could retrieve precise information in any one of the following ways:

All Reports; Review Publications; Systematic Reviews; Practice Guidelines; Clinical Trials; Diagnosis; Prevention and Control; Therapy; Diet Therapy; Drug Therapy; Surgery; Radiotherapy; Complimentary & Alternative Medicine; Analysis; Cerebrospinal Fluid; Chemically Induced; Chemical Synthesis; Classification; Clinical Trial, Phase I; Clinical Trial, Phase II; Clinical Trial, Phase III; Clinical Trial, Phase IV; Complications; Congenital; Economics; Embryology; Epidemiology; Ethnology; Etiology; Genetics; History; Immunology; Metabolism; Microbiology; Mortality; Nursing; Parasitology; Pathology; Physiopathology; Psychology; Radiograph; Radionuclide Imaging; Rehabilitation; Toxicity; Transmission; Ultrasonography; Urine; Veterinary.

This is a very powerful utility for anyone (computer naive or sophisticated), making it easy to obtain the most current information on any medical condition.

Additional Features.

As discussed elsewhere, other features that are provided with this Basic Version include: 1) A Glossary of Disease Terms, 2) The Medical Research Program, and 3) an electronic copy of the DoctorInternet.


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